HEMI Hearts

As always, I am looking forward to attending HEMI Hearts’ monthly session later today, along with my family.  It is a voluntary community group, founded and operated by parents living in the Derby area and was established to provide a support group for children and families living with hemiplegia, the same form of cerebral palsy I was born with.

HEMI Hearts provides an after school therapeutic play group, including access to specialist health professionals and giving families a chance to get together for a chat. They offer friendship, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on and a smile to celebrate achievements.

The group was set up 2011 following a donation from a parent’s employer and I was thrilled to be asked to become its Patron four years ago.

HEMI Hearts fundraises throughout the year to help subsidise the monthly groups, provide resources for therapy and play and fund family events.

In 2015 I was delighted to help arrange for members to be player escorts at the opening game of the Cerebral Palsy Football World Championships held at St George’s Park.  Preparations have now been made for the group to meet with the England Cerebral Palsy Squad at a training camp in a few weeks’ time 😊

For more information visit http://www.hemihearts.org.uk/


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