Campaigning For Change

Given that I studied politics at university many moons ago, it is perhaps not surprising that I enjoy lending my support to a cause from time to time, to fight what I see as an injustice.
This time however, the issue really is personal. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published guidance relating to the treatment, care and support for adults living with Cerebral Palsy.
Whilst for me this was an extremely important moment in my life, as never before had such guidance existed, sadly the announcement hardly created a ripple in a media world that remains obsessed with the Brexit ‘circus’ which is currently playing out.
Anyway, not to be deterred I felt a responsibility to help campaign for the NICE guidelines to be acted upon and implemented by the NHS.
Today I met with Chris Williamson, my constituency MP to talk through the issue with him. He listened intently, and agreed to help facilitate a meeting in Parliament with his colleague Marsha de Cordova, the Shadow Minister for Disabled People for myself and representatives from the Adult CP Hub to bring the matter to her attention.
I am now looking forward to meeting with Emma and Miriam from the Adult CP Hub next week to bring them up to speed with the exciting development.
For me the issue is simple, access to services for adults living with cerebral palsy should not be a ‘Postcode Lottery’.
I am optimistic that we can bring about a positive change for the many thousands of adults living with CP across the UK.
I remain CP and Proud 😊

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